Our Approach to Social Recruiting

Any recruiter can match resumes to job requirements; the challenge is to discover exceptional people that embrace your company values. We take pride in our accessibility, methodology, and the quality of candidates we provide. Here’s a brief look at our process:

A comprehensive collection and understanding of must-haves, nice-to-haves, company culture, team dynamic, and what it takes to thrive in the role.

We choose the best-suited candidates by using data collected through professional networks and social media. This accumulation of data is organized and provided to the clients, making internal assessments possible.


Use social media to tell your story and create public enthusiasm for your organization. Understanding what motivates and excites a potential applicant is key.

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Who Needs Us

Our clients come to us in many forms. No one company, nor one staffing or HR challenge can be reduced to a sentence or two. Many of our clients come to us with one of the following pains.

I’m outsourcing our staffing function and the placement costs are so high.
— Amber L.

Amber signed a contract with a staffing firm that has a contingency fee and paid $20,000 per placement. This fee structure doesn’t make sense for Amber, if she is planning on doing a lot of hiring.  That's when she called Capa to make affordable placements.


I want our company to be appealing to millennials.
— Josh A.

Josh had no social media presence and didn't know how to convey a fun work culture through their website. At Capa, we understand who their competition is and what types of talent they want to attract in order to convey that culture.  We helped Josh portray a fun culture and attracted the talent he was looking for.


We posted our job openings on different job boards and didn’t get enough qualified candidates. Plus, the process took too long.
— Sue F.

We assess our clients current recruiting method to develop a more strategic approach that produces faster placements.  We leverage an array of talent analytics to speed up the recruiting process.


I posted a bunch of job descriptions a few weeks ago on Monster.com and haven’t received any qualified candidates.
— Martin D.

Posting on job boards can be costly and a gamble. You never know what you’ll get and it takes too much time to sort through resumes.  We helped Martin with his job descriptions, sourcing, and a fast placement.