Hourly Recruiting in NJ

Having an hourly recruiting strategy is a great first step to attracting qualified candidates in the New Jersey are you’re looking for. Our experts at Capa Consulting Group will customize your strategy based on your goals and the audience you’re looking to capture. Here are some of the ways Capa Consulting Group can help with your hourly recruiting services in NJ to get you on the right path for attracting top hourly talent.


Our Approach to Hourly Recruiting:

·      Evaluate where you’re posting your jobs.

·      Identify job seekers needs and goals

·      Evaluate and recommend job titles


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Job seekers looking for hourly positions are utilizing websites that offer similar jobs and are easy to use. Make sure your approach to attracting hourly talent is tailored to the audience and you’ll have more success in finding great employees.


Things to consider for job seekers for hourly recruiting in NJ:

  Length of the assignment: Shorter contract positions can increase the rate.

  Time between assignments: If the contractor is currently unemployed, the pay rate is more negotiable.

  Location compared to home: If the work location is close to home, the rate is more negotiable.

  Status of the company: If the hiring company is a well known brand, the candidate may be willing to take a lower rate to get their foot in the door to meet with the decision makers.

  Opportunity to travel: If a contractor has a desire to travel, and per diem is included, the rate is more negotiable.

  Skill set: If a contractor’s skill set is in high demand, the contractor can push for a higher hourly pay rate.


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