3 Things You Need to Land that Job


This is a guest post is by Ron Clark. Ron is a Human Capital Consultant based out of San Diego. Click here to connect with him.


Getting a new job is a selling proposition

Landing a new job is based on two things.  One is quantifiable and the other is difficult to quantify. Your education, job skills, experience, and track record are quantifiable. 

The communication skills that you possess are difficult to quantify and could range from great to poor.  One thing is for sure, your communication skills will play a key part in determining whether or not you are offered the job.   

When applying for a job:

  • There is most likely others being interviewed for the job. 
  • Therefore it is a competitive situation.
  • You need to be up to the challenge.
  • How competitive are you going to be?
  • Are you going to win and get the “Gold Medal”?

You must be able to sell yourself:

  • Over the phone in the initial screening interview.
  • In the face to face interview with those doing the hiring.

The ability to sell yourself falls under your communication skills:

  • Just about all communication skills can be learned.
  • Communication skills can always be improved.

So, the three things you need to land a job are #1 you need to be qualified for the job and “Packaged” accordingly to powerfully present your qualifications, #2 you need to be prepared for the interview, and #3 you need to be able to sell yourself over the phone and in the interview.

Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age" is a classic and was one of the world's most phenomenal bestsellers.  It teaches you basic communication skills on how to successfully and persuasively interact with others.  I highly recommend it. Being able to communicate effectively and persuasively with others is one of the most important skills you can have in life. Your communication skills are going to be a key to your success in the business world and in life overall.  It’s never too late to acquire them or improve them.

I know some of you are going to say “but I am not a salesman or a saleswoman.” The reality is that we are all constantly selling and persuading others to do what we want them to do for our benefit and for theirs.  It’s just that most people don’t realize this fact. You must sell the company’s hiring manager or hiring committee that you are the best person for the job, if you are going to beat the competition. They are going to hire the person who is going to provide them with the best value for the money they are going to spend. You need to “stand out” in the crowd

So, how do you do that? In Part II I will be giving you some tips and insight on what you need to do to “stand out” in the crowd and get the job. Till then, I am wishing you the best in developing your career and achieving your full potential.