Standing Out with Quality of Hire Metrics

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This post is by Jessica Yubas.  You can follow her at Capa Consulting Group’s blog, on Instagram and LinkedIn.


Is your company tracking quality of hire, either internally with HR or through an outsourced staffing firm?

If your answer is ‘no,’ then your business is automatically lagging behind your competition – and you could be hindering your company’s effectiveness and image as well.

Measuring quality of hire is considered by top-performing companies to be the single most important metric that informs the success of their hiring process, employee retention rate, and overall productivity. 

Quality of hire analysis can be divided into pre- and post-hire sectors, where pre-hire assessments seek to determine the effectiveness of hiring managers or recruiters in filling positions.   On the other side, post-hire analysis studies equally critical business aspects such as cultural fit, employee engagement, and time to achieving sustained productivity.

Companies that place value on their performance throughout all areas of their business and continually seek to improve by analyzing quality of hire during either or both phases of the onboarding process demonstrate to the industry, their competitors, potential candidates, and employees that they recognize the importance of feedback and positive interaction.

As a result, these companies are viewed more favorably, which is evident during the sourcing process by reduced time-to-fill and in the quality of responsive candidates – both of which ultimately have a direct correlation with company productivity and profit.

As an independent staffing firm, Capa Consulting Group provides metrics reports on the recruiting process to our clients as a standard feature of our service.  Clients can choose from any of the types of metrics assessments that we provide, as best suits their performance analytics needs:

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In addition, Capa Consulting Group engages candidates during the screening, interviewing and post-offer phases to gather constructive feedback about the entire hiring process. 

Consistent reactions that candidates (sourced by Capa) share about their experience with our clients (their potential employer) are the companies’ positive environment, flexibility, and management-styles that are more focused on coaching and support than micro-managing. 

Overall, the data Capa has collected from all candidates indicates that forward-thinking companies and managers are the most desirable to work for.

Capa Founder and CEO, Julie Clark, emphasizes that, “Assessing our candidates’ preferred culture and manager-style allows us to hold the company accountable for retaining the employee.  When we check-in with the employee after they have been hired, we can find out if there is alignment with the culture and manager preferences.”

All companies should be utilizing a variety of quality of hire measurements to improve the positioning and performance of their business – if they want to increase their odds of pulling ahead in their field, that is.


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