Join the World's Largest HR Virtual Summit

This post is by Jessica Yubas.  You can follow her at Capa Consulting Group’s blog, on Instagram and LinkedIn.


Looking ahead to 2017, maintaining top performance within our human resource teams will be more important than ever.

Luckily, our friends over at BambooHR, one of the leading providers of human resource management software (aka the HR professional’s dream tool – no, really, you should try it!) are gearing up to host Elevate 2016, the “world's largest virtual summit for HR and business thought leadership.”

On November 10th, from 8am - 2pm PST (that’s 11am - 5pm for all you East Coasters), the *free* event (yes, you read that correctly, it’s free) will take place in the world’s favorite new HQ: online. 

You don’t have to pay for it! You don’t have to travel to it! You even don’t have to get dressed if clothes just aren’t doing it for you that day!

The elimination of those three deal-breaking factors should have you sold already.  Easiest. Conference. To. Attend. Ever.

But, in all seriousness, it should take little convincing that Elevate 2016 is the place to be on November 10th . Get yourself and your company in front of 20,000+ other human resource professionals and participate in feature “presentations from over 50 industry experts and visionaries.”

Even more motivating is that you can customize your summit experience.  Elevate’s organizers understand that you’re a busy professional, so instead of forcing you to commit yourself to an entire conference agenda, you choose which presentations you want to attend.

Attending the full conference will provide a more in-depth experience, but in either scenario, you win by gaining critical insight into leadership and employee development, anticipated trends, and relevant management software.

Elevate 2016 promises to “Uplift, elevate, and inspire your work & life”, and that’s personal and professional development that we can all rally for.

So click on this link and reserve your spot at the Elevate 2016 virtual summit hosted by BambooHR today!